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Ten Frames Activities and Games | Independence Day


Hands-On math activities for ten frames during Independence Day.

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Are you looking for a fun fine motor, hands-on, 4th of July theme Activities using Snap Cubes and Ten Frame for small groups or to use in math centers? This is a fun game using snap cubes that your students can also work on independently, morning work and even for early finishers! There are 10 different mats!

  • Roll & Frame – Students will use a dice to roll a colored snap cube. The student will then find a matching snap cube and place it on the mat. The student will then color in one square on the ten frame recording sheet beside the matching color. Students will keep rolling, matching, and coloring until the mat is full.

Students will love building these flags, patriotic symbols, eagle, Liberty Bell, Uncle Sam, and more pictures with their snap cubes!

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