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Here are 3 awesome ideas to have a fun celebration of Bat Week in your classroom.

3 Fun Ideas to Celebrate Bat Week

Have you ever head of Bat Week? This year it will be celebrated the week of October 24th-31st. It is the perfect time of year to honor these spooky creatures that may go bump in the night. Bat Week is an annual celebration that happens internationally to celebrate the role

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Flippy Flaps

5 Ways to Use Lapbooks in Your Primary Classroom

Hands on learning is so important for all students, but especially younger ones. Students are able to explore new concepts in all kinds of different ways. Hands on learning also helps to engage the brain to create and expand new ideas. It is our job as teachers to find new

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2 for Tuesday Deals

I hope you are enjoying your summer break! I am trying to catch up on tons of things that I have been putting off and just a lot of relaxing. We are back with another round of 2 for Tuesday deals for you.  I have two Word Family Interactive Notebooks

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