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Blends Bundle Smart Board Activities Phonics and Sounds


Digital Smart Board activities to practice phonics blends.

Pages: 280


Looking for a fun and interactive way to teach students to identify Blends in the beginning of words? These activities will have your students singing and identifying their blends before you know it!

Each blend is broken down into 5 days of mini lessons
☆ Day 1: Introduce blend, video, circle the blend.
☆ Day 2: video, sort pictures that begin with the blend, handwriting practice
☆ Day 3: video, find pictures that begin with the blend.
☆ Day 4: video, clap when you see a picture that begins with blend, write the beginning blend
☆ Day 5: Video, I Spy and circle pictures that begin with the blend

There is a total of 13 slides for each blend!

This is a bundle. You can check out each individual product below.
L Blends
R Blends
S Blends

Software Requirements
This file is created with Smart Notebook Software. Please make sure that you have this software downloaded on your computer to be able to open and run this product.

Each video contains a YouTube link when you click on the image. All links were active when this product was created. However, I cannot guarantee that this link will remain active indefinitely.


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