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CVC Word Families Game | Short Vowel Activity Worksheets


Hands-On activities and game to practice short vowels.

Pages: 54


Do you need a fun early finisher or literacy center partner game to help teach and review letter recognition and the alphabet? Look no further! Your kids will love playing these fun and engaging games!

These are great partner games for early finishers or even for literacy centers. Students will take turns drawing one line at a time to connect two dots side by side, either vertical or horizontal. When one student completes a square around a word or picture, they are able to claim that letter only if they can correctly read or spell the word. If they identify the word or picture, they color it. If they cannot identify the word or picture, their partner can “steal” the square by correctly identifying and coloring the square. Continue to draw lines and claim and color squares until all squares are claimed. Player with the most squares colored wins!

This set includes 10 pages for each set of short vowel word families, 5 pages with only pictures and 5 pages with only words for a total of 50 pages! Each short vowel word family is mixed all on one page. For example, all short a words are on one page.

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