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Valentines Day Addition to 10 Math Centers for Google Classroom


Digital Google Slides to practice addition to 10 during Valentines Day.

Pages: 30


Need a fun and interactive Valentine’s Day Addition to 10 Math Centers to get your students to practice addition facts using Google Slides? They are great for learning at school and at home. Perfect for distance learning or using in a February technology center in the classroom using Google Classrooms. Simply upload this as an assignment and make a copy for each student. When they have finished the activity, have the students turn it in!

In this download, you will find 30 different Google Slides. On each card, students will use the images solve the problem and type the answer in the box. When you download this product, you will receive a PDF file with a link to the slides. Click the link to access the product. Disperse to your students using Google Classroom or a Google Drive Shared folder.


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