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American Symbols Activities Interactive Notebook Digital and Printable Bundle


Digital and hands-on, interactive research projects for American Symbols.

Pages: 40


Your students will love learning all about American Symbols such as Liberty Bell, Bald Eagle, Statue of Liberty, American Flag, and more with this printable and digital interactive notebook using Google Slides! This is a fun, interactive activity that can be incorporated into your Kindergarten or 1st Grade science lessons using Google Classrooms or simply printed and made into a lapbook to learn about this Winter season.

The digital version can be done whole group as a class or assigned to each student using Google Classrooms. To upload to Google Classroom, simply upload this as an assignment and make a copy for each student. When they have finished the activity, have the students turn it in!

The digital version includes slides for the following activities:

-KWL charts for each

-Research Pages for each

-Sorting Symbols/Not Symbols

-Fact Slides for each

-Describing Slides for each

-Labeling Slides for each

-Picture Matching



-and more!

This also includes the printable version that students can create their own lapbook to take home.

The printable version includes pages for the following activities:

✭ Statue of Liberty looks like/stands for/came from

✭ Label Statue of Liberty

✭ Liberty Bell looks like/stands for/where it’s located

✭ Label Liberty Bell

✭ Bald Eagle looks like/stands for/where

✭ Label Bald Eagle

✭ American Flag looks like/stands for/colors mean

✭ Label American Flag

✭ American Symbols Word/Picture Match

✭ Statue of Liberty Facts

✭ Liberty Bell Facts

✭ Bald Eagle Facts

✭ American Flag Facts

✭ Statue of Liberty KWL

✭ Liberty Bell KWL

✭ Bald Eagle KWL

✭ American Flag KWL

✭ American Symbols KWL

✭ American Symbols Vocabulary

✭ Describe Statue of Liberty

✭ Describe Liberty Bell

✭ Describe Bald Eagle

✭ Describe American Flag

✭ My dream is writing prompt

✭ Favorite American Symbols Book

✭ Favorite American Symbol writing prompt

✭ and more



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