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Do you need Phonemic Awareness games to use with your students during your Small Group Reading time? Are you always struggling to find activities to use with your kids to help with Phonics Skills? Look no further! This bundle is packed with all the games that you will need to help strengthen your students’ Phonemic Awareness

***This is a Growing Bundle. By purchasing now, you get the Phonemic Awareness bundle at a lower price and get to download all future packs for FREE as they are added!

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What is included in this bundle?

Letter Identification

Rhyming Words

Initial Sounds

☆ Blending………COMING SOON

☆ Segmenting………COMING SOON

Final Sounds

☆ Substituting Phonemes………COMING SOON

☆ Adding Phonemes………COMING SOON

☆ Deleting Phonemes………COMING SOON

How can these games be used?

☆ Small Groups

☆ Small Group Warm-Ups

☆ Center Activities

☆ Whole Group Lessons

☆ Perfect to use with substitutes

☆ Great to use with classroom volunteers


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