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13 ways to teach shapes in March and a Free Activity

Happy March! This weekend is our first weekend in a while of warm weather and sunshine. I am so excited for more days just like today to spend outside. That means it’s time to put all of our Valentine’s Day activities away and start pulling out all of the shamrocks, leprechauns, and rainbows!

We have been working on recognizing shapes so what better way to practice than with fun St. Patrick’s Day themed shapes activities. Check them out below. Keep reading to the end for your fun freebie!


Each student starts with 10 cubes. One student will spin the spinner and place their cube on the matching shape. If there is a cube on the shape, the student can bump it off.and claim that shape. If there is two cubes on the shape, it cannot be bumped off. First player to use all of their cubes wins.


Students can work independently or with other students. Each player gets 5 dominoes. Place one domino piece on the table. Students will take turns using their pieces to try and put a domino on the table that matches a picture already there and placing the matching pictures together to form a chain. The chain develops randomly and can go in any direction. Game ends when all pieces are played.

Roll and Cover!

Students will roll the dice and name the shape rolled. Students will then find the matching shape on their board and cover it with a counter. Students will keep rolling and covering until the board is filled.

Count the Shapes!

Students will count how many of each shape they see and write the number in the corresponding box.

Count and Graph!

Students will count how many of each shape they see and graph as they count.

Match It Up!

Students will read the code on the side of the mat. Using the color code, determine the shape represented by each color and place the matching snap cube on the correct shape on the mat.

Spin and Color!

The student will spin the spinner and color the matching shape. Keep spinning and coloring until all shapes are colored. After all shapes are colored, count how many there were of each shape and record in the box.

Spin and Graph!

The student will spin the spinner and color one box o the graph in the corresponding shape column. Keep spinning and coloring one box at a time on the graph until one shape reaches the top of the graph.

Color by Code!

Students will look at the color code on the side of the page. Students will look for the hidden shape in the picture and color each space the color that matches the code. When all spaces are colored, a hidden picture will be revealed.

Clip Cards!

Students will look at the image on the left and determine what shape it is. They will find the matching shape in the boxes on the right and clip the clothespin to the correct shape.

Visual Discrimination Cards!

Students will choose a card and look at the shape in the middle. Students will then find all of the matching shapes around the edge and mark them by hole punching them or placing a counter or clothespin on each shape.


Each student will get one bingo board. The teacher will use the calling cards and select a card one at a time and name the shape. If the student has that shape on their board, they will use a counter to cover it up. The teacher will keep calling out shapes as the students cover their board. When a student has a straight horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line they say BINGO!

Puzzle Cards!

Students will look at each of the puzzle pieces and match the corresponding plain 2D shape to the matching 2D shape picture. Students will put the puzzle pieces together to see if they are a match and check their work.


You can grab all of these fun, easy prep activities in my St. Patrick’s Day Shape pack! Click the image below to check it out!

Want to try out one of the activities first? Sign up below and grab the St. Patrick’s Day Shape Clip Cards for FREE to use now with your kids!

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