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Apples, Apples Everywhere!

I finally found a few minutes to share all of our apple fun that we have had over the past few weeks! We were emerged in everything apples and the kids loved every moment. This was our first big theme of the year and it was great seeing all of the students learning and interacting. Could not have been happier! Now onto our activities.
We started our apple unit by talking about the different parts of an apple and labeling our apple. This cute activity came from Cara Carroll
We also made these adorable apple poem crafts to learn about the life cycle of an apple. These came from Deanna Jump
We also had an apple tasting party! We tasted all things that were made with apples from apple jacks, to apple juice, and apple jelly, apple cake, and even apple bars! Everything was so delicious they had a hard time deciding what was their favorites.

They finally picked their favorite way to eat apples and we graphed which way we each liked to eat apples the best. I was surprised that no one picked the apple jelly. That is one of my favorites! Of course the apple cake was our winner!
We then wrote which way to eat apples was our favorite and then made this adorable apple person to show off our favorite way! This cute craft also came from Cara Carroll.

We ended our apple unit by exploring apples! Students brought in an apple from home to explore. Then we filled in our Apple Exploration Journal to show everything we learned about our apple.

We estimated how long of a string we would need to fit around our apple then we checked our guess by measuring the apple with the string. Some of our friends were very close with their guesses!

We then measured our apple to see how many cubes tall they were!
 We predicted if our apples would sink or float then tested it to see what would happen.

We cut into our apple to count the seeds inside. We also looked at the star pattern that the seeds made. They then glued their seeds into their journal.

Then finally they were able to taste their apple to see if it was sweet or sour.
We had a blast learning about apples! I cannot wait until our next theme week. Theme weeks are always so much fun to teach! Hope you found some fun activities to use for your apple week. Check back later today for a peek at what we are doing next week!


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