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Elf Antics

Today I am linking up with I Teach Kinder to bring you some great ideas for this time of the year!

That magical day finally arrived. The day that all of my kids have been waiting for (since yesterday) but the day I have been waiting for all year long!!! The day that, fingers crossed, my room may have a chance to be slightly calmer. Hahaha no such chance with Christmas around the corner but hey, a girl can hope šŸ™‚ Today was the day that our elf arrived! Ok, let me back up to yesterday. Yesterday afternoon we talked about if anyone had an Elf on the Shelf and I explained to the kids that I have never had one but thought it would be neat to have a classroom elf. So we watched the Elf on the Shelf video, which by the way, is super cute and explains the elf perfectly!

Then we all wrote letters to Santa asking him to send us our very own classroom elf! The writing template came from Melonheadz. I then explained to the kids that I would mail the letters to the North Pole right after work so Santa would get them that night.
Then today came, the big day! The kids walked into the room to see a big box wrapped from none other than Santa himself!!! You cannot imagine how excited we were to open this special box.

Inside the box was our Elf on the Shelf! Well, kinda, keep reading. We opened the Elf on the Shelf box to find the book and a note from Santa but no elf. The note is a freebie in Maria Manore’s store.

After reading the note we found out that our Elf was already in the room watching us!!! Wait!! How did we not see him earlier?!?!?! We had to go on a hunt to find that sneaky little elf. Can you find him?

What about now? Do you see him?

Once we found our elf, we read the book and quickly gave him a name. Our school’s theme for the year is Peanuts so we thought Snoopy would be a perfect name. So welcome Snoopy to our classroom and fingers crossed am hoping that the students will be on their best behavior so that Snoopy will only have good things to tell Santa each night.
Now our elf in years past has been very mischievous. I wonder what Snoopy will do this year. Check out some things that our elf did last year at school and at home. Oh that silly elf! Can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this year!
Now head on over to check out some other amazing bloggers and their great ideas to get you through the next few weeks until your much needed and well deserved break!
Happy Holidays!

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