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Peek at Week: Spiders

Last week was everything bats! It was a jam packed week and full of learning. I have never seen my kids so excited to learn! And I love teaching all things fall and Halloween so this was perfect!!!
We started by creating a fun KWL chart to see what we already knew about bats. I was surprised at how much they already knew!
Our weekly poem was all about bats! I heard them singing this all day. Click the picture below to grab this at DeeDee’s store!
 Love this drawing of their interpretation of echolocation!!!
 All week we worked on a Bat’s Fact Book from Deanna! We learned so much about bats and they did amazing showing what they learned! Click the picture to head to Deanna’s store!

We then made this cute little bat craft to show what bats can do, what bats have, and what bats are. Click the picture to head to Abby’s blog to grab this!
During Daily 5, we practiced spelling our CVC words. They are picking up on this so quickly! I am so proud. Click the picture to head over to Caitlyn’s store!
Our morning chit chats were also all about bats! They loved labeling the bat! Click the picture to head on over to Deanna’s store!

We also worked on our newest Flippy Flap. These are becoming a huge hit in my room. They are always asking when they get to work on them! 

Click the picture below to head to my store to grab a copy for your room!
Next week will be all about Spiders!!!! Can I just say that I am deathly afraid of spiders!!! And when I say afraid I don’t mean like scream like a little girl. I mean that I have jumped out of a moving car on the interstate because there was a spider crawling in the car. Anyways, teaching about spiders is fun as long as I don’t have to see any real spiders! 
We will be starting our newest flippy flap next week. Click below to take a peek!
Here are the plans for the week! Click the pictures to download a copy.

Now head on over to DeeDee’s blog to see what others are up to this week!

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