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Playing Catch Up & Peek at Week

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. This past week has been beyond crazy! College night classes started back and I’m doing my best to keep my head above water. So let’s play a little catch up. Somehow I forgot to post my Peek at Week last week. I am so sorry. Don’t know how I dropped the ball on that. Here is the plans that were supposed to happen but needless to say, everything that could have gone wrong last week did and we were not able to accomplish much on the plans. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and that is what we did and the kids loved every minute of it! Come take a look at what we were able to do!
 On Tuesday when I came into work, let’s just say that every piece of technology that I touched instantly quit on me. So I had to quickly throw together an activity in the matter of seconds. I love that my kids are so easy going this year and so creative. We read the story, The Penguin Who Wanted to Fly and talked about things that we wished we could do. 
I then literally handed my kids a blue, white, and orange piece of paper with no pattern or anything on it and we went to town together creating a penguin. I think these turned out cuter than any premade pattern. I love letting the kids use their imagination to create a project! I think these are my favorite projects so far this year.

We had a lot of penguin activities going on during Daily 5. They were definitely a hit! Click on the pictures to go to the product.

Before we begin Daily 5 we do Morning Messages or Chit Chats. These penguin chit chats from Deanna Jump are our favorites!

On Thursday we read the story See How They Grow: Penguins and discussed the Lifecycle of Penguins. We were all surprised that penguins became mommies and daddies at age 2 1/2!
We then made these adorable lifecyle crowns from Jennifer Drake. We love all of her crowns!

We ended the week by making a blubber glove! We learned that penguins have a layer of blubber that keeps them warm when they are swimming in the icy water. We had to test this out to see for ourselves. We made a blubber bag (filled with Crisco). Each kid got to put a hand into the icy cold water and then their other hand (covered with a rubber glove for easy clean up) into the blubber glove to see which hand was warmer. We all agreed that we would love to go swimming in icy water only if we were covered in blubber! 

Here is a copy of last week’s plans if you want to take a look.
Now onto this week. Hopefully this week will go a little smoother than last week. Tuesday is our 100th Day celebration and I cannot wait to share with you all of the fun we will have. So if college classes don’t kill me this week, fingers crossed, check back to see all of the excitement! Until then, come take a look at what else we will be up to this week.

Now head on over to see what others are up to this week! I am off to take my daughter to see Paddington. So excited!!!

~*~ Julie ~*~

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