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Summertime Craft Projects

Hey guys! I’m linking up with my blogging friends to bring you some fun ideas and a GIVEAWAY!!!
Summertime is my time to catch up on all of those “Pinterst-y” fun crafts that I have been pinning all year and never have time to make. If you are looking for some fun crafty projects for the summer then you’ve stopped by the right place!

Fun, Easy, DIY projects you can make for you classroom to use with math and literacy games

Every summer I try to tackle a few craft projects for my classroom that I jsut do not have time to make during the school year. Last year I made tons of letter stones. My kids loved using them to spell words, for word work activities, games, and so much more. They were beyond simple to make!

All you need is some small stones, (I got this bag at the Dollar store but you can also find them at Walmart or craft stores too), Mod Podge, letter stickers, and a paintbrush.

 First step is to place one letter sticker onto each stone. I placed mine on the top curved part of the stone.

Next, using the paintbrush, cover the entire top of the stone with Mod Podge, sticker and all.

Let them dry and you now have your very own set of letter stones to use with any games or resources that you have. They can be used individually to spell words, practice letter/sound recognition, letter/sound identification, and so much more.

Another craft that I do every year is birthday balloons. I make these all over the summer so when a student’s birthday “sneaks” up on me then I’m prepared! I got this idea from the amazing Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants. Here is the link to her directions and printouts. They are so easy to make and the kids love them! All you need is jumbo Pixie Sticks and the balloon printout. How much easier can that be šŸ™‚

Here are a few projects that I hope to tackle this summer. Click on the pictures for the links!

What projects are you tackling this summer? I’d love to get more great ideas to add to my list!

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Now head on over to check out some more great ideas!  

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